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Holdragon Device

Why It's Awesome

It allows friends to play together on a large screen and have an endless library of games. It is portable enough to carry on trips. You can use your phone as a controller.

It's Big
Everyone can see & use it comfortably while sitting around it.
Phone & Tablet Controlled
No additional controller must be purchased. Intuitive and easy to understand.
1-8 Multiplayer
It allows up to 8 people to enjoy the game at once. Some games support even more players.
Growing Library of Games
Get games immediately Never lose pieces again. Replace all those old boxes. Save the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint. Get live updates.


HoloDragon Flight 23

Processor Samsung Exynos4412 Prime Cortex-A9 Quad Core 1.7Ghz with 1MB L2 cache
Ram 2048MB(2GB) LP-DDR2 880MB Data rate
GPU Mali-400 Quad Core 440MHz
Resolution Full HD 1920 X 1080
Storage 16GB eMMC
Operating System Lubuntu 14.X
Display 23' LED Multi-touch touchscreen 5ms response time
Dimensions (w)25" x (h)2" x (l) 17"
Power AC 100-240V
Speakers 1.5w x 2 w/Volume control

Your Phone or Tablet is Your Controller

We wanted to create the most intuitive way to play digital board games without buying additional hardware. Cellphones and tablets have become ubiquitous in our modern lives.

You and your friends can now play 1000s of games through your personal device. Our game is available on Windows, Apple, and Android phones. It has over 5k positive reviews and it is a party favorite.


For Business

Using Kiosk mode let people play while they eat and hang out. Sync multiple Holodragon's together and run game tournaments such as poker or trivia. Creates an extra attraction and revenue stream.

Kiosk mode allows your patrons play selected games on your HoloDragon device for the duration of their visit without having to log in. You can set the price (from $0.99 to $9.99) and the games that are available.

Attractive Design
Kiosk Housing

For Friends & Family

Games for the whole family. Play what you want, when you want. All you need is Wi-Fi. Less stuff to store, less things to lose.

In addition, you can tie multiple HoloDragon devices together and run tournaments or events such as Trivia Night, Poker Night, Bingo, etc. Even more advanced tournaments are possible with this setup as well: Chess tournaments, Poker Tournaments, Scrabble Tournaments, etc.

Attractive Design
Kiosk Housing

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